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Santa Monica Condos With a View Make an Odd Couple

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit Santa Monica's 833 Ocean Ave, a condo with a view.

833 Ocean Ave #205
Price: $879,000
Time Spent Finding a Parking Spot: 23 minutes
Nearby Open Houses: Aptartment 204 was open today as well. It's outrageously different from this condo, which was cluttered with dirty clothes draped over furniture and other messes. Number 204 had some clean, sleek furniture and a much different vibe. These two apartments had a total Oscar and Felix thing going on.
Who Was There?: Tanned beachy types with towels and day bags. Lookie-loos, perhaps?
View: The view exists, and it's not bad, but there are better in Santa Monica.
Insider Tip: Number 205 is a short sale that's actually already pending, but the much nicer number 204 is getting a pricechop tomorrow, from $960,000 down to the high $800ks.
· 833 Ocean Ave #204 [Redfin]
· 833 Ocean Ave #205 [Redfin]