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Corrugated Live/Work Studio By Tony Unruh in Glassell Park

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While it may look a lot like a vintage train car, in its former life this Glassell Park live/work studio actually served as a light fixture plant. The subject of a 2007 article in Dwell magazine, the building was purchased by a pair of musician brothers and given a metallic makeover by Tony Unruh. In addition to receiving its corrugated steel overcoat, the 1,866 square foot structure's walls were insulated with a double layer of Sheetrock and recycled denim to block out noise from the nearby freeway (or, as a friend calls it, "the poor man's ocean") as well as keep the ruckus generated during band practice and recording sessions inside. Per the listing, the two bedroom, one and a half bath space also features a "5 Kilowatt solar array [that] produces a net surplus of electricity, double garage with much secured off-street parking, gardens, stainless kitchen and bath...and next generation HVAC." Asking price is $1.195 million.
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