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1845 Adobe Could Become San Marino High's Hall of Fame

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The 1845 Michael White Adobe, which sits on the grounds of San Marino High School, has really turned it around over the last few years. In 2009, the city's board of education approved an environmental impact report that included razing the house. Since then, preservationists have rallied and there are now plans to turn it into a Hall of Fame for the school district, reports the Pasadena Star-News. Plus, it's finally getting nominated to the National Register of Historic Places and it's been awarded a National Trust for Historic Preservation grant for preliminary repairs--that'll probably be used to repair moisture-damaged walls and to do something about drainage, but a full restoration "is unlikely because of the high cost."

The superintendent of San Marino's schools says he's on board with the Hall of Fame concept (parties are debating whether it'll include just athletes, or also artists and academic achievers), but the final decision is up to the school board.

Michael White was an Englishman who came to Baja California in the 1810s, became a Mexican citizen, and was awarded the land grant for what is now San Marino, according to the Friends of the Michael White Adobe.
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