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Regent Lofts Hit the Market in Palms Starting at $1,900 a Month

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Apartment buildings grow up so fast. A year and a half ago, the Regent Lofts in Palms were just dirt and a density bonus request and now they're 28 loftish units renting away. The project just hit the rental market, asking from $1,900-$3,500 per month--that sound you heard was UCLA grad students all dropping their dissertation drafts in shock. The project is hyping its Culver City-adjacency and is definitely fancier than your typical Palms rental--the units all have stainless steel appliances, polished concrete floors, washers and dryers, and 10-19 foot ceilings. The building comes with a gym and gated/covered parking. Right now, the site is listing a 700 square foot loft with one bathroom for $2,095; a 900 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom for $2,295; and a 1,150 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom on the second floor for $3,195.
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