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Silver Lake Coffee Table Closing For Condos?, Another Leaky Lawsuit

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SILVER LAKE: Our pals over at Eater LA reported today that there's a sign up at the Coffee Table in Silver Lake saying the shop is closing on September 11. A tipster tells us that the site's been sold and that there are new owners and they "plan on tearing down Coffee Table even though they have no permits yet soon after the 11th...They also do not plan on building another Coffee Table... just more apartments." We haven't been able to confirm any of that, although the city's zoning website does show a sale for the property in February this year. Back in 2006 and 2007, Piedmont Investment Company was planning on building 60 condos with retail space that would've included a new home for the Coffee Table. Let us know if you know anything about the latest plans. [Curbed Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: What's with the leaky house lawsuits this week? Yesterday, we heard Rihanna was filing suit against everyone and her agent, today it's MGM Studio co-head Roger Birnbaum suing ex-agent and current power flipper Sandy Gallin. Birnbaum bought a Beverly Hills house from Gallin in 2007 for $16.5 million and says it "began to leak like a sieve last winter," according to TMZ. Birnbaum wants $500,000 for repairs. That's an interesting number, considering Birnbaum's been trying to sell the house at $16 million (i.e. a $500k loss) for nearly two and a half years now. He has stubbornly refused to pricechop since April 2009. [TMZ/Redfin]