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SoCal Waves Reach Rocky and Bullwinkle Height

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Huge waves have been hitting the coast of Southern California today--waves reached as high as 20 feet at the Wedge in Newport Beach today and 13 feet in LA County--washing in as a result of a southwest swell visiting all the way from New Zealand. The architecture of nature on display off the coast got us thinking about which features of the built environment in LA could put the scale of the waves in perspective, and it's the last week of summer, so let's have some fun with it. First up is the twenty foot tall Rocky and Bullwinkle statue outside of Hollywood Hounds on Sunset Boulevard.

And there is no Southern California without modernist residential architecture. The waves hitting the Wedge today were also the same size as the sides of the cube-shaped spaces in architect Haralamb Georgescu's 1958 Pasinetti Residence in Beverly Hills--a cube for a tube.
· High surf pounds Southern California coast [LA Times]

Pasinetti House

1421 Summitridge Dr., Beverly Hills, CA