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Crayola Castle on 5 Malibu Acres PriceUps to $3.5 Million

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Malibu's Temple of the Muses was built in 1993--could you tell? The 8,000 square foot house was designed by Cho Yiu Kwan and sits on more than five acres deep in Malibu's Las Flores Canyon. When it came on the market back in January, the huge size and bright colors made Curbed National commenters think "elementary school," but here's how the latest listing describes it: "Temple of Muses is artistic expression and way of life, elements of abstract geometry, modern, post modern, deconstruction, raw and natural materials, transparent and fortress, light and heavy." Whoa. Heavy. (Its current listing photos are rather less evocative--they're the last eight in the set.) Back in January, the Temple was asking $2.975 million, which seemed pretty reasonable for all that Malibu land. Today it's hit the MLS asking a still puzzingly low $3.5 million.
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