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Lawsuit Dismissed, But No Timeline For Hollywood Emerson Project

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The renderings for Boston-based Emerson College's West Coast satellite in Hollywood certainly look rock and roll, but following the City Council's approval of the Thom Mayne-designed building last August, the project's neighbor, East West Studios LLC, filed suit over noise concerns, wanting compensation for any business due to loud construction (the studio's lawyer is Robert Silverstein, who's been involved in many an anti-Hollywood-development lawsuit). Peggy Ings, Emerson's vice president for government and community relations, confirms to Curbed today that the lawsuit was dismissed on July 12, 2011, and the project is free to move forward under the terms of the development agreement approved by the City Council in August of 2010. Fans of Thom Mayne and his firm Morphosis, who have been eagerly anticipating the new 10 story building on Sunset Blvd., will still have to wait for construction to start. Emerson College has no immediate plans to start construction, but the college is currently working on its next steps.
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