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Metropolis Plans to Bring Big Boxes and Boutiques to South Park

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The Downtown News has more on the possibly-reborn Metropolis megaproject planned for South Park, and it sounds like developer IDS is super-jonesed on Downtown retail. Metropolis has been reinvigorated both by the Target-anchored FIGat7th project and the possible NFL stadium/Convention Center project, and IDS Senior Vice President Patrick Spillane tells the paper they consider Target a "shadow anchor" for Metropolis's 300,000 square feet of "mostly ground level" retail. As we've heard, IDS is interested in big box stores, but they'll also go after indie boutiques in an attempt to draw shoppers from beyond Downtown. That's as firm as any piece of the Metropolis project sounds--there's still no timeline and it will be built in four to five as-yet-undetermined phases. While Metropolis could include two hotels, those plans will depend heavily on whether LA gets an NFL team/stadium and a new Convention Center hall. If the stadium project falls through, hotel plans could be scaled back; if a team commits to come to LA soon, the hotel could be built in phase one.
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