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Had to Add Some Granite to 1911 Hyde Park House

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This five bedroom house dates to 1911 and last sold in February for $265,000. It came back on the market a mere nine days later, and according to a March post on Redfin, the new owners were trying to "sell it without a single modification for $400,000" (and it looked pretty sad--see an old photo of the exterior at Zillow). Five months later and it looks like they've decided some fixing-up is in order. The house has been repainted and remodeled and now has a "Brand New Chefs Kitchen with Island and Grani[t]e countertops," plus a bathroom and a half more than previous counts, bringing it to three and a half. It's also still got its share of lovely old wood and built-ins. The house is 4,025 square feet on .43 acres. It's now asking $549,700.
· 5468 9TH Ave [Redfin]