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Culver City Expo Stop Will Get Improvements, Already Has Street Art

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Streetsblog has an update on the minor fracas involving the under-construction Culver City Expo Line station, which may open in about six months. A squabble between the construction authority and Culver City meant the station could've been built without fresh bike lanes, pedestrian plaza, parking garages, and street improvements, so people would disembark at a pretty grim area. But the peace pipe was passed and now the $7 million in upgrades will likely go ahead. "I'm very optimistic that at next month's meeting we'll be able to announce that contracts have been signed to finish work at Culver City," Expo construction authority CEO Rick Thorpe said at last week's board meeting. Meanwhile, the blighted buildings surrounding the station, which are supposed to be filled with a retail-heavy development called The Platform, have been decorated with some pretty nice street art. But the area under the actual station--where the parking, pedestrian plaza, and bike facilities are planned--still looks like a war zone.
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