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Ex-Freeway-Construction Garden in Pas, Swinging 1962 Trousdale Estates House Sells Below Asking

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Image via Garden Design

PASADENA: Garden Design shows us around Arlington Garden, a colorful bit of land in Pasadena that's owned by Caltrans, of all things. The agency originally bought it to use for construction staging for the 710, but now it's "Pasadena’s only dedicated public garden," according to its website. And you can buy its orange marmalade online. [Garden Design]

TROUSDALE ESTATES: We all had a ball peeking inside 1935 Carla Ridge, the 1962 pad in the Trousdale Estates that came on the market in June asking $5.45 million. We'd heard it had multiple offers and it was in contract after ten days. According to Redfin, escrow closed today and the house went for $5.275 million. Now we cross our fingers and wait for news of either preservation or destruction. [Redfin]