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Old Bank District Banding Together to Keep Up the Spring St. Park

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The Spring Street Park site, between Fourth and Fifth Streets (until recently a parking lot), officially closed last week and work could start in September on greening it up, reports the Downtown News. Even better, there's a plan to pay to keep the park nice and pretty. Locals including developer Tom Gilmore, Bill Stevenson of Downtown Properties, Downtown LA Neighborhood Council members, and HOA reps from the neighboring El Dorado and Rowan buildings have formed a nonprofit called Friends of the Old Bank District Gardens that will partner with the city to run the park. Stevenson says annual costs will probably be about $250,000 and Josh Gray-Emmer, the president of the El Dorado HOA, says there are already enough pledges to keep the park humming for two years. There are also fun-sounding fundraising ideas being tossed around, including outdoor movie nights and a trading post. But there are still things left to settle--like what about the notorious dogs of Downtown? Gray-Emmer says dogs will probably be allowed, but "We can't allow that to take over the park." Spring Street Park will "hopefully" open in late 2012. Image via blogdowntown
· City Ready to Break Ground on Spring Street Park [Downtown News]

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