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Little Freeway Network "Metropolis II" On Its Way Into BCAM

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Another day, another big, crazy installation getting ready to go in at LACMA. A rep for the museum tells us in an email that the miniature, moving-parts freeway system "Metropolis II" will be installed on the west side of BCAM's ground floor (recently home to a giant, snaking Richard Serra sculpture). She adds that all the components are at the museum, but that a walkway will have to be built before installation can start. "Metropolis II" is the work of Chris Burden, the man who brought the streetlamps of "Urban Lights" to Wilshire Boulevard, and it runs 1,200 miniature cars on 18 lanes (at 230 mph!). The people behind the movie Catfish visited Burden's studio as the piece was being finished and shot a video of the toy cars (and trains and buses) in action. Burden tells them "It's a little bit like making a model of New York City at the turn of the last century and you're modeling horse buggies everywhere."

· Artist Chris Burden Building Little Freeway Network For LACMA [Curbed LA]

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