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Metro Wants Fast Train to Go Through Antelope Valley, Hit Palmdale

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At their board meeting yesterday, Metro unanimously passed a motion urging the California High-Speed Rail Authority to proceed with planning for a route through the Antelope Valley with a station in Palmdale, reports the Source. The CHSRA is also currently exploring a more direct path between southern and northern California, one that follows the 5 Freeway and blows through the Tejon Pass. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich appears to be the biggest proponent of the Antelope Valley route, saying voters were promised a Palmdale station when they voted to fund the project in 2008. He also argues that the AV area "represents more than 10 percent of potential high-speed rail ridership," according to the Daily News. Others are arguing for the circuitous Antelope route because they worry a more direct path between LA and Bakersfield would turn the latter into a bedroom community of the former. Then there's the issue of the DesertXpress high-speed train from Vegas to Victorville; the idea was that an extension could eventually be built to Palmdale so it could connect to the CHSR. Obviously if there's no Palmdale station, that makes the already questionable DesertXpress seem even less appealing. To be fair, the Tejon Pass route would shave off almost 10 minutes of travel time from LA to SF and could save millions of dollars.
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