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Retro Underwater Photos of LA's Streetcar Reef

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Photos via Calisphere Metro's Primary Resources blog dug up old Fish Bulletin 124 from the Department of Fish and Game--the 1964 document details the department's results with using old streetcars, automobiles, and other objects to create artificial reefs off the coast of Los Angeles. These photos show the Malibu reef, made up of 20 old cars dropped at Paradise Cove in 1958, and the Redondo Beach reef, made up of six wooden streetcars also dropped in 1958 (the streetcars were purchased for $100 each). The report says that "To determine the true value of artificial reefs, we carried out routine diving so we could observe and obtain as much information as possible on the numbers and kinds of fishes occurring around artificial habitat...Kelp growth, numbers and species of invertebrates, animal behavior, and many other observations also have been made." Very detailed fish data over at the Bulletin.
· Artificial Habitat in the Marine Environment [Calisphere]