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Acton's Phonehenge West Compound Will Rise Again

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Photo via the LA Times

Phonehenge West, the 13-structure folk art compound up in Acton, is being demolished right now, but it's going to have an afterlife. The AP reports that owner Kim Fahey "plans to move it piece by piece to a ranch 60 miles away where he has a 99-year lease" (according to the LA Times, he's renting in Tehachapi). And, to avoid a repeat of his current legal troubles, he'll be getting the proper permits before he builds. In June, Fahey was convicted on several charges of building code violations at Phonehenge, which includes a 70 foot tower with windmills, a converted yurt, a sixteenth century Viking house replica, and oh so much more. He was scheduled to be sentenced today, but since he'd already scheduled a demolition crew, the judge postponed things (and indicated she'd only give him community service if Phonehenge is destroyed). Meanwhile, the compound has been documented for posterity--Glamour recently did a photo shoot in the tower.
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