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Walt Disney In Contract, Urban Outfitters Gets SCI-Arc Installation

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"Silent Disco" at Space15Twenty by Elizabeth Daniels

LOS FELIZ: Well, Walt Disney's still got the magic. Less than two weeks after the house he built for himself in Los Feliz went up for sale, it's in contract. Asking price was $3.65 million, but in case you've taken a while turning up gold at Big Thunder Mountain, backup offers are still being accepted. [Redfin]

HOLLYWOOD: Architect Barbara Bestor has given part of her "Silent Disco" installation (originally at SCI-Arc) to the Space15Twenty retail space in Hollywood, where it now serves as the backdrop for a stage. Our pals at Racked LA saw it last week. The piece was partly inspired by World War I Razzle Dazzle camouflage, so try to stay alert Urban Outfitters shoppers. [Space15Twenty/Racked]

HOLLYWOOD HILLS: Go vote in our Weekend Warriors Poll to help decide which open house we'll visit this weekend. The match this week is between four recently-built Hills houses--right now the Beachwood Canyon three bedroom is killing it, followed not very closely by the Sunset Strip entrant. Someone please throw a vote to the poor Hollywood Dell house to make it feel better. [Curbed LA]


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