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Top-Floor Unit in Leland Bryant's St. Germaine Apartments

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In 1929, around the same time he produced the Zig Zag Moderne Sunset Tower, the Spanish Colonial-style Harper House, and the French chateauesque Savoy Plaza, workaholic-genius architect Leland Bryant also whipped up the French Norman Revival-style apartment building known as the St. Germaine. Located at the corner of Serrano Avenue and West Ninth Street in Koreatown, the seven-story complex contains 49 units, one of which, Craigslist informs us, is currently available. Per the ad, the 1,113 square foot one-bedroom is a top-floor, southeast-facing apartment with high ceilings, original crown molding, a faux fireplace, art deco tile, vanity area, and walk-in closets. It also features a cringe-inducing, not-original kitchen and some fugly beige carpet, but mercifully, "original concrete floor is an option." Monthly rent is $1,525, including utilities, and pets are welcome. More photos/info about the building can be found on the Los Angeles architecture blog Ugly Angel.
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