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Class War Canceled: Most Rodeo Merchants Support Subway Stop

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It was hard not to wince at the quotes in a recent Los Angeles Business Journal story on a smattering of local resistance to a Rodeo/Beverly Drive Purple Line subway stop (e.g. "The subway riders are not potential shoppers. They cannot afford the kind of products retailers in the Golden Triangle sell."). Well, that story was apparently not representative of the majority of opinions in the Golden Triangle. A publicist for the Rodeo Drive Committee, a nonprofit merchant and landowners association, tells us the group voted almost unanimously yesterday to support the subway stop. According to a statement from the RDC, members have a few concerns about construction impacts and station design that they'll work through with Metro, but otherwise, thumbs up.

"In the long term, we believe a subway station near Rodeo Drive will have a positive economic impact and increased convenience," RDC President Jim Jahant said in a statement. "Other major cities, including London's Bond Street, that have expanded their subway stations into luxury retail areas have been careful to locate their stations nearby to prevent an erosion of business during construction. Once completed, we envision the subway will increase tourism and shopping with less traffic in the area, increased additional parking availability for our customers and much needed public transportation for visitors, management and employees. Simply put, the vast majority of merchants and landowners are not against a subway station and, in fact, welcome the concept."
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