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Clothing Factory vs. Park Fight on South Central Farm Site

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The well-documented saga of the now-demolished South Central Farm continues. The LA Times reports that Horowitz Group, the owner of the farm's former site, is in escrow with a buyer who wants to build a clothing factory that would require all 14 acres of the property, despite a 2003 deal with the city that required Horowitz to donate 2.6 acres of the parcel for use as a park. (Horowitz last made news for its plans to lease the land to Forever 21 for a distribution center, but a rep tells Curbed they're not commenting on the current buyer.) Now the area's city councilmember, Jan Perry, has requested new terms to the city's sale of the site to Horowitz--she's written a letter to the LA Board of Harbor Commissioners recommending that the developer be allowed to sell the 2.6 acre park section and instead pay $3.6 million for renovations and programs at other parks in the neighborhood. Councilmember Perry's letter also claims that the site is unsuitable for use as a park due to health concerns, and that the parcel would be better suited for a business that can generate jobs.

The South Central Farmers are opposing the deal and the group's leader, known as Tezozomoc, says that community members feel they are "are being sacrificed in favor of the developers." According to their website, the South Central Farmers have organized a petition effort in opposition to any sale of the final sliver of farm land, although there seems to be some confusion about whether the land would be used as soccer fields or as a garden.

The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners considered Councilmember Perry's proposal today, but a rep for the Harbor Commissioners tells us the approval has been kicked back to the City Council. Horowitz protesters back in 2006 via the LA Times
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