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House photo from the Oceanside Historical Society via Zillow

The residents of Oceanside, CA love the 1986 film Top Gun so much that they're preserving a 124-year-old bungalow used in the film, while handing three other historic homes on the block over to the wrecking ball. The famous cottage was built around 1887 by Dr. Henry Graves and in the mid-eighties it served as both Kelly McGillis's and her character Charlie's house during the shooting of Top Gun. A rep for the Oceanside Historical Society tells Zillow it's "one of the oldest beach cottages in San Diego County." It was a rental for decades until the city bought the property in 2005 and declared it a historic site. In 2008, Oceanside approved the construction of a beach resort on the block, and voted to preserve and move the Top Gun house, but not its three old neighbors, according to a May article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. (A 2007 article on the project's environmental report mentioned only one other significant house--"an early-20th-century house at 106 N. Pacific called the Rorick house.") No groundbreaking date's been set for the resort (trouble with financing), so the house will stay where it is until it's eventually "moved 2 blocks north on North Pacific and incorporated into the resort and used as perhaps a coffee house or gift shop," according to the Historical Society rep.

Photo from the Oceanside Historical Society via Zillow
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