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Incubus Singer Selling 1905 Venice House With Music Studio

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Here we go again with another tease of a "celebrity owned" listing. Lucky for our gnawing curiosity, a tipster tell us this 1905 house in Venice belongs to Incubus singer Brandon Boyd (Blockshopper has it under the name of a money manager known for working with rockstars). According to the listing, the 3,500 square foot building was used as a hotel in the 1940s and now features a "640 sq. ft. sound proofed music studio/guest quarters (plumbed for kitchen & bathroom)," a master with "a large contemporary bathroom designed by a famous Venice architect," and a rooftop patio. Boyd bought the house in 2005 from, if we're not mistaken, actress Maria Bello, for $2.715 million. He's asking $3.495 million.