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Rihanna Lawsuit Says $6.9 Million House Leaked and Her Broker Didn't Give Her Comps

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In 2009, Rihanna plunked down $6.9 million on an thoroughly-remodeled house in Beverly Crest. And it leaked. So she's suing the former owner, the inspection firm, the engineer, her buyer's agent, and several other related parties, alleging negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, breach of contract, and other nastiness. The house was originally built in 1966, according to Redfin, but it was extensively remodeled in 2007 and 2008, per Rihanna's suit via TheWrap, and the old listing info calls it a "brand new development."

Rihanna's main beef, according to the lawsuit, is that her house got waterlogged after a "moderate rainstorm" in January 2010. At least one balcony was slightly higher than the interior floor, so the rain just flowed in, apparently. But the suit also bitches that Rihanna's broker "did not provide Plaintiff with relevant sales information regarding properties in the area which supported the final purchase price." And the suit "alleges that the actual value of the Property at the time of purchase, taking into consideration the extensive construction defects alleged herein, was millions of dollars less than the purchase price paid by Plaintiff." Ri's seeking an unspecified amount of money.
· Rihanna Sues Over Flooding in Her Beverly Hills Home [TheWrap]