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Filming in Country Club Park, Paul Williams's Granddaughter Speaks

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COUNTRY CLUB PARK: A reader asks: "Any idea what movie's taken over this house for the past month?" This is the 1908ish house that architect Alfred Rosenheim built for himself in Country Club Park, and it's been on and off the market for more than a decade (it's currently off). Anyone spotted yellow signs over there? [Curbed Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Speaking of one of our favorite (and one of the most prolific) Los Angeles architects, Paul Williams, his granddaughter Karen Hudson spoke at the Pacific Design Center on Monday as part of Aaroe Architectural's lecture series. Aaroe broker Justin Alexander recapped the talk for us:

Karen Hudson was a very pleasant guest and warmed up to our 300 attendees immediately. While she does have a new book coming out in 2012, displaying her Grandfather's Hollywood legacy, Karen was there to share the value and history behind Mr. Williams' creations. She was very heartfelt and you could tell how much her Grandfather and his work meant to her.

These are the bullet points she emphasized throughout the forum:
- Paul Williams always wanted his work to resemble class, eloquence, sophistication, and an extreme attention to detail
- His most notable home characteristics include significant door and entry ways, detailed ceilings, breakfast rooms that face the east for natural lighting in the morning, oval dining rooms, and the possibly the most notable, sweeping/curved stairways
- While he knew exactly what he liked, he made sure all of his designs were specific to each individual client's wants and needs
- Some Paul Williams' homes don't appear to be his design at first glance because he would incorporate the client's visions in order to make them happy
- As an orphan in his early life, family meant the world to Paul so all of his homes are built with a welcoming sense of strong family, a true "home" feeling
- He was a master at all styles, not just one... everything from east coast traditional to modern.

Aaroe's hosting James Magni from Architectural Digest on September 12 and Bret Parsons talking about Gerard Colcord on September 26.

[Curbed Inbox]