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Bike-Friendly Long Beach Trying to Get Riders Off the Sidewalks

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Long Beach is trying to make the city's sidewalks safer for pedestrians by launching a "Walk it or Lock it" campaign to inform residents that it is illegal to ride bikes along the sidewalks of Long Beach business districts (those include Broadway and Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach, Atlantic Avenue in Bixby Knolls, Second Street in Belmont Shore, "Retro Row" on Fourth Street, and Cambodia Town on Anaheim Street). According to the Long Beach Post, "Walk it or Lock it" is the first step in the city's SOS: Share our Streets campaign, which is funded by a grant from Metro. But bike-friendly Long Beach isn't just kicking bikes off the sidewalks to fend for themselves on the streets. The city has recently completed several major bike infrastructure projects (a bike lane on Third Street and separated bikeways on Broadway and Third Street) and it has 1,200 public bike racks. Earlier this year, it completed public outreach for an update of the city's Bicycle Master Plan--the map for the draft is still available for public viewing. The city is also encouraging residents to fill out a "Share Our Streets" survey.
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