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LA's Hottest Broker Contest: We Have Winners!

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Los Angeles real estate agents are so hot, they write Knack songs about them and stuff as many as they possibly can into Bravo reality shows. Last week we were feeling shallow, so we picked the hottest of the hot and are now naming LA's Hottest Broker (formerly known as Broker Boys & Babes).

Updated 9/7/11: Remember all that voting and hottie-looking-at you did last week for our LA's Hottest Broker tournament? It was all for this--meet LA's Hottest Broker: Caroline Cagle of Coldwell Brentwood. Lovely Caroline was nominated at least a dozen times, with accolades including "She's one sexy lil mama!," "Hottie!" and "She's such a sweetheart, a great broker, and also easy on the eyes!" *Here's her website.

In related news, you all think Chad Rogers is the hottest of the Million Dollar Listers. Madison weeps. See you all next year!
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