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DJ's Sunset Plaza House Has Neon Lighting and Really Phallic Pool

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This house belongs to DJ and producer Val Kolton, which makes perfect sense, because between the warehouseyness, the neon lights, the Hollywood-Regency-on-acid furnishings, and the 12 person spa, this would be a great place to throw a rave (and raves have been thrown--or at least Paris Hilton Halloween parties). Kolton bought the house in late 2008 from Rockstar Energy Drink founder and serial questionable house owner Russ Weiner (he owns that mansion that Prince painted with purple stripes). According to reports at the time, Kolton paid $8 million. The listing says the house "has been coined the ~~~KING OF THE HILL," but we've more often heard it called The Fortress, which is a much better name. Kolton listed the house in February asking $12 million.Two chops have brought it down to $9.95 million. And on the pool: it's true and it had to be said.
· 2260 SUNSET PLAZA Dr [Redfin]