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Should Los Angeles Start Pushing All-Door Boarding on Transit?

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Los Angeles just got a chunk of money for its bus rapid transit project on Wilshire, which will turn one lane in each direction bus-only during rush hour. That will definitely speed up transit commutes, but what about the annoying and time-consuming issue of people queuing up in front of the bus and waiting in line to stick a buck-fifty in the cash box? The Transport Politic notes that San Francisco's Muni is looking at implementing an all-door boarding policy on many of its buses and trains, and LA's Orange Line bus rapid transit already allows it. The all-door Orange Line boarding operates on an honor system, while in SF, Muni plans on installing ticket machines on sidewalks and has already put fare readers at the backs of its buses. It's probably not cost-effective to have ticket-dispensing machines at every bus stop in LA, but it might be more feasible to install more fare readers in buses, especially the big workhorse accordion ones (e.g. Wilshire's 720, which will benefit from the bus-only lanes in 2013). The Transport Politic also notes that some cities have partnered with local merchants to sell bus passes, so people can have their tickets before they get on the bus and enter through any door.
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