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Awkward 1990 Metropolis Rendering, See LA's Future at A+D

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DOWNTOWN: On Monday we found out that Downtown megadevelopment Metropolis could be back after years of stallage. The project was first proposed in the eighties and a tipster sends in this rendering of the project's gawky early years, from a 1990 Architectural Record. How embarrassing--back then it had a giant asshat. [Curbed Inbox]

MIRACLE MILE: Starting tomorrow, the A+D Museum will peer into its crystal ball in Rethink/LA, "a series of visions based on both the stark environmental realities of the present and the optimistic possibilities for the future" of Los Angeles. The exhibition includes "visionary collages, videos on the present city, and sound installations of local decision makers." [Curbed Inbox]


Francisco St. & W. Eighth St., Los Angeles, CA