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4 Houses Across the Price Spectrum in the Ivanhoe School District

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Updated 7:05 pm: Here comes Labor Day, and with it back to school time, so all this week we'll be handpicking a variety of two or more bedroom houses, at all prices, in some of Los Angeles's most sought-after school districts (using Estately's handy new school district search). First up, of course, is the coveted Ivanhoe Elementary district in Silver Lake and Los Feliz. We're taking school district suggestions at the tipline.

3009 Hyperion Ave.
Price: $465,000
Beds/bath: 2/1
Square feet: 904

Update: As pointed out by a few commenters, the Towers are actually just outside of Ivanhoe. Sorry for the mix-up.
4411 Los Feliz Blvd. #108 (ground floor in the Los Feliz Towers)
Price: $489,000 w/ $710 monthly HOAs
Beds/bath: 2/2
Square feet: 1,071

2433 Lanterman Ter.
Price: $859,000
Beds/bath: 2/2
Square feet: 1,650

3223 Ettrick St.
Price: $995,000
Beds/bath: 3/2
Square feet: 2,244

2460 Meadow Valley Ter.
Price: $1.549 million
Beds/bath: 3/3.5
Square feet: 3,923

Ivanhoe Elementary School

2828 Herkimer St., Los Angeles, CA 90039