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1960 Hollywood Dell House Spans the Decades

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 6309 Ivarene Ave., a house marketed as mid-century.

Price: $1.045 million
Year Built: 1960
Setting: A lush street in the Hollywood Dell. It's wide-ish, but with parking allowed on both sides, no way is more than one car getting through at a time.
Vibe: Lived-in hipster modern. Cool art, cool furniture, but nothing too terribly fussy, especially in the bedrooms and downstairs office.
Most decidedly non mid-century touch: The stone stairway (the agent told us it was marcasite [magnesite] and probably original), which you usually see in much older LA houses. That includes both staircases (up and down), plus on the three steps from the kitchen down to the living room.
Runner-up: The "Spanish"-y decorative tile borders in the bathrooms--the agent said he thought they were from the eighties.
Most mid-century touch: The groovy bathroom fixture, which included a light, heat lamp, and fan all together in a white dome.
· 6309 IVARENE Ave [Redfin]