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A Visual Feast of the Sacred Art in Glendale and Little Armenia

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Failing at photographing one's home is like failing phys ed or study hall--it shouldn't be possible, but somehow there's always someone who falls through the cracks. To help listings be their very best, we show you what not to do.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of arranging flowers, decoupage is the art of arranging crap and glue--what do you call the art of arranging crucifixes on the wall? Don't be fooled. What you see above and below is definitely an art form. Look at the use of size and space in each photo. The arranging is so similar in both cases, we wonder if these homeowners might have even collaborated. Or are we ready to declare this a thing?

· 5010 Fountain Ave [Redfin]
· 1229 Alameda Ave [Redfin]