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Developer Plans to Build 4 Houses on Ridgeline Above Topanga Canyon

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Something tells us some environmental groups won't be too excited about it, but an applicant known as Crown Park Holdings, LLC filed a Notice of Preparation with the LA County Department of Regional Planning on August 11, saying they want to build four houses on separate ten acre lots on a Santa Monica Mountains ridge between Calabasas and Topanga Canyon--an area known as the Calabasas Peak Motorway. According to County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's blog, "Each of the proposed homes would be located on a 10-acre site on the property, which has been designated a 'significant ridgeline,' meaning that any development within 50 feet would require a variance to the county's ridgeline ordinance."

Zev's Blog adds that the four houses, which the NOP calls the Calabasas Peak Motorway Residences, will be reviewed under a single environmental impact report. The project would install a 277,000 gallon water tank at the ridgeline's highest peak and four septic systems. And, just to make matters a little more complicated, there are Coast Live Oaks throughout the properties--the NOP says they'll need a permit to "encroach upon the protected zone for three oak trees to widen the existing Calabasas Peak Motorway to Fire Department standards."

The project will be presented at a public meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at the Topanga Community House. Regional planning officials are asking for suggestions and comments from the public at the meeting, or in writing by Sept. 15.
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