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"Whimsical" Cottage in Mt. Washington Asking $589,000

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The listing copy for this 1920s cottage near the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center in Mt. Washington describes it as "eclectic and whimsical," which, as far as we can tell, seems to be manifested by some bold paint choices and a few quirky windows and cut-outs. Otherwise, it looks to be a nice example of your classic rustic cabin-style abode, featuring a lovely beamed ceiling, wood floors and cabinets, built-in bookshelves, tiled bath, and French doors (although--and we hope we're wrong on this--there also appears to be some--cough--vinyl present). Sited on a 5,929 square foot lot, the two bedroom cottage, which Redfin shows cycling on and off the market regularly since 2006, is now listed at $589,000.
· 460 W AVENUE 46 [Redfin]