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Raiders/OJ/Biggest Loser Doc Selling Wild Los Feliz House

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Whoa nelly, this 1927 Los Feliz house has some cool stuff in it--an original mural over the two-story entryway, a very tiled bathroom, and a little stained glass (but no, we don't know what's going on with the foyer walls). According to Blockshopper, it's owned by Robert Huizenga, famous first for being the Raiders doctor who wrote You’re OK, It’s Just a Bruise—A Doctor’s Sideline Secrets about Pro-Football’s Most Outrageous Team--it was one of the inspirations for Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday, in which Huizenga was played by Matthew Modine. Then he was famous for testifying for the defense in the criminal trial of OJ Simpson (and later for the prosecution in the civil trial). And now he's famous as Dr. H on the Biggest Loser. But getting back to the house: it has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a tennis court, a pool, and a guesthouse on eight-tenths of an acre. According to the listing, it's called Casa Domingo and has been "meticulously restored over a 5 year period." Asking price is $5.9 million.
· 4915 LOS FELIZ [Redfin]