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LA's Hottest Brokers: Round 4 Results and the Dog You Disappointed

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Los Angeles real estate agents are so hot, they write Knack songs about them and stuff as many as they possibly can into Bravo reality shows. This week we're feeling shallow, so we're picking the hottest of the hot and naming LA's Hottest Broker (formerly known as Broker Boys & Babes).

This is it, the final vote. Coldwell vs. Coldwell. Stacy Gottula vs. Caroline Cagle. Voting will begin soon, but first this footnote on Brock's Breanne Martin, who was knocked out in the last round. In his email pitch, the person who originally nominated her wrapped up with this: "She also knit the sweater this dog is wearing. You don't want to upset the dog, do you?" We didn't want to give anyone an unfair advantage, so we've kept the seriously freaking cute dog a secret until now. See him below.

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