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Seeking Someone Like Sarah Palin in the Topanga Canyon Wilderness

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What/Where: Two small cottages on two acres in a "wooded area" of Topanga Canyon.

Sounds good, right?: They've got lots of outdoor space and are "quaint and lovely and very private yet, not isolated." $600 per cabin.

The Catch: We can't tell, is the ad being sarcastic when it says "must be a smart and responsible educated person, with good work ethic. just like sarah palin." And not just Palin: "Sarah Palin fans welcome here, as the people who like Palin / Herman Cain / Michelle Bachmann / Marco Rubio / are calm, smart, common sense type people. That is what we want here. we are not interested in ignorant, violent, rude, non-courteous people who do not like Palin and friends." Is this viral public relations for the Tea Party or is this guy raising an informed, pacifist, polite militia out there in the canyon?
· $600 / 1br - 400ft² - cottage on 2 acres (Topanga Canyon) [Craigslist]