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Rooftop Reveal at Downtown's Pegasus, Tour the Pasadena Playhouse

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We're heading out early for a summer Friday, but check back here tomorrow for Curbed Weekend.

Photos by Kelly Barrie

DOWNTOWN: Put away the red cups and the floating beer pong table, Pegasus's rooftop has gotten itself all classed up. Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture has just finished a rooftop renovation that includes a firepit, outdoor kitchen, private cabanas, new furniture, and native plants. Earlier this year, Kor Group sold the Pegasus to Equity Residential. According to a press release, studios in the building are now starting in the $1,400s, but it's all full for now. [Curbed Inbox]

PASADENA: For the historic theater geeks in the crowd: the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is opening up the Pasadena Playhouse for tours tomorrow. Reservations are strongly recommended, but the tours are only five bucks. [Curbed Inbox]