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Hooray for The Hollywood Condos, They're About to Restart Sales

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Photos by John Linden Photography

Updated 1:47 pm: The Hollywood condo building on Yucca St. dates so far back into the aughts that it was known for hooking up with then-hip restaurant Ketchup as part of its marketing (oh, 2007). But after taking a little vacation, the Stephen Kanner-designed project is back from foreclosure and getting ready to sell again. Matthew Reibert of Pacifica Real Estate Services tell us in an email that 14 of The Hollywood's 54 units were sold by the original owner (move-ins started in late 2007) before the building was foreclosed on. PEI Asset Pool III took over the remaining units. After about a year off the market, Pacifica and PEI are getting ready to start selling again by the end of September. We toured The Hollywood back in 2008, when a two bedroom was going for $844,000. Update: Reibert tells us that prices now will range from the high $400,000s up to "right above $1,000,000 for select penthouses." He also adds that about half of the units are currently leased, but that those leases won't be renewed now that sales are restarting.
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The Hollywood

6735 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA 90028