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Mar Vista Leading the Charge to Legalize Backyard Beekeeping in LA

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Poor, tragically underrated bees (they pollinate our crops!)--it's actually illegal to keep them on most properties in Los Angeles. Marina del Rey Patch reports that a Mar Vista couple has formed the organization Honeylove and is working on a backyard beekeeping pilot program for their own neighborhood, with the larger goal of legalizing backyard beekeeping in all of LA (Santa Monica legalized it last December and now allows two hives per property). Earlier this month, the Del Rey Neighborhood Council voted to support a beekeeping feasibility study that's expected to wrap up in October. And the area's city councilmember, Bill Rosendahl, is enthusiastically onboard, judging by the video after the jump, in which he proudly talks about his two natural, decade-old beehives, and some of the many benefits bees provide.

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