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Thomas Pynchon's Old Manhattan Beach Duplex Sells to Non-Pynchonite

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The Manhattan Beach duplex where very private author Thomas Pynchon is more or less confirmed to have lived in the late sixties and early seventies (and where he possibly wrote some of Gravity's Rainbow) came on the market in late June and went into contract in about four days. It closed last week with a sale price of $1.052 million. The 1931 duplex doesn't look like much, but it is a few blocks from the beach, so we wondered whether it was bought by a surfer or a post-modern lit nerd. Listing agent Dunham Stewart tells us that "the buyer, as far as I knew, knew nothing of [the Pynchon] connection." He says the guy just thought it was a great location and is going to fix it up and live in one of the units. But of course that's exactly what a member of Trystero would say.
· Thomas Pynchon's Manhattan Beach Duplex Asking $1.05 Million [Curbed LA]