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Veg Places Sprout from Echo Park to West LA, WeHo's XIV Shutters, Boyle Heights GentrificationWatch

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ECHO PARK: A DJ/producer and an owner of a Downtown hotspot are teaming up to open a vegetarian restaurant--complete with "cutting edge alternative music" and craft beers--at the bottom of the above-pictured eco-friendly loft apartment building on Alvarado (someone in Williamsburg just ordered moving boxes). Expect an opening early next year.

WEST LA: A similar, if a bit less hip, operation opens on Wilshire at the end of the month. Seed Bistro is an off-shoot of Venice's Seed and will feature booze with its vegan and macrobiotic fare. Chef and owner Eric Lechasseur has cooked for Madonna, and one of her favorite desserts, the chocolate pudding, is a smash at the original Seed.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Michael Mina's XIV on Crescent Heights and Sunset has called it a day after throwing everything at the wall and seeing none of it stick. There was a weird communal menu, stilt walkers at brunch, and numerous menu changes. The joint closed on Tuesday and a new SBE venture will likely take its place.

BOYLE HEIGHTS: The Paramount Ballroom on Cesar Chavez is becoming The Paramount, a combo theater, bar, and restaurant--the folks behind Pitfire Pizza may set up the food side of things and an opening will happen near the end of the year. According to Eater, "the city is heavily backing this project in hopes of turning the neighborhood around."
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