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Ball-Nogues Making Swimming Pool Crater Near Joshua Tree

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Images via designboom

You're out in the desert near Joshua Tree. It's hot. You want to go swimming. And also climbing. Ball-Nogues, LA's bad boys of installation architecture, have got your back with their latest--the Yucca Crater, planned as part of the High Desert Test Sites program. The crater is a 24 foot tall "engineered oasis and climbing structure" that'll have rock-climbing holds on the interior walls and eight feet of water on the bottom. The pool will be solar-powered, pumped via wind-powered turbine, and open to all climbers and swimmers. The firm calls the project "a nod to the abandoned suburban swimming pools scattered across the Mojave."

The Yucca Crater will be recycled from another Ball-Nogues project--it'll be made out of the inverted formwork of the Talus Dome (which is sort of a monster Canadian version of the firm's Cradle piece on Santa Monica Place). While they've clearly started the job, the firm still needs money to finish the work and is taking donations through tomorrow over here.
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