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Sweating It at Cal Poly Pomona, Historic Core Gets a Farmers Market

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POMONA: LPA Architects, the people who are bringing a coed-powered gym to Cal State Northridge, are also working on a rec center for Cal Poly Pomona. The 120,000 square foot facility is funded with student fees and includes a three-court gym, a multi-activity-court, weight and fitness space, multi-purpose rooms, a rock climbing wall, and a pool. And while it'll have a ton of green features, a rep tells us it won't have student-generated power, at least for now. Apparently, those hooked-into-the-grid treadmills don't actually generate too much energy and take several decades to show a return. The CPP rec center is expected to be finished in December 2014. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Your gentrification is coming along nicely, Historic Core, and now here's your farmers market. The Spring Street Farmers Market will debut on September 11 in the parking lot between the Alexandria and the Spring Street Arcade and run every Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm. There'll be the usual produce and gourmet food, plus local art and live music. At this rate, you'll have your neighborhood dog poop pickup service in no time, HC. [Curbed Inbox]