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Which Alleged Mid-Century House Should We Visit This Weekend?

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It's up to you to choose which open house the Weekend Warrior visits and reports back on this Sunday.

Speaking of hotness, apparently the hot new thing in real estate is calling a house "mid-century" when you have only a passing acquaintance with the term. Is a small square of shag or a corner fireplace really enough to be mid-century? Or is the "year built" the only thing that matters? For this Weekend Warriors Open House poll, we're pitting against each other four houses that don't quite add up to 1950. We have a three bedroom in the Hollywood Dell for $1.045 million, a four bedroom in Beverly Hills PO for $1.795 million, a two bedroom in Beverly Hills PO for $1.49 million, and a three bedroom in Studio City for $1.098 million.
Poll results