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There Will Be Sunset Junction Fun This Weekend, Jesus at Urban Lights

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MIRACLE MILE: Here, via LACMA's Unframed blog, is a photo of Sunset Strip Jesus at Urban Lights. [Unframed]

SILVER LAKE: Word in the inbox is that Sunset Junction businesses are rallying to salvage some fun times for this weekend now that the Sunset Junction Street Fair has been canceled. Here's some secondhand news that originally came from Pull My Daisy shop owner Sarah Dale: "all the junction shops are going to have sidewalk sales/ store parties this weekend. I'll be [Pull My Daisy] having Christopher Wonder out front doing magic, Reform School is having the ukelele orchestra preform and the 4100 Bar is having some of the cancelled bands play in their parking lot..lots of other shops doing cool stuff to so come down and celebrate your community this weekend and spread the word." [Curbed Inbox]