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Expo Line Station Artwork Ready for You to Judge

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Images of the artwork for all the Expo Line stations--save for the Farmdale stop, which has not been built yet--are now up on the light rail's website, Many of the pieces have already been installed in the stations, which except for Culver City and the aforementioned Farmdale, may open late this year or early next year. The nine artists who created the pieces include photographers, painters, watercolorists, and sketch artists, many of them local (but only one woman; you might want to up that ratio for the Phase II stations, Metro). "Los Angeles Metro's public art program dedicates .5 percent of rail construction project costs to creating original artwork at each station," says BuildExpo, which has bios of the artists. "More than 200 artist proposals were submitted for consideration at Expo Line stations, which were then subject to a peer review process involving community and stakeholder input." We're especially fond of 23rd Street and La Cienega.
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