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Sierra Madre's 1887 Pinney House Was Once a Sanatorium

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Last week, we learned of a historic Heineman & Heineman home for sale, and the week before that, a Greene & Greene. Now, yet another landmark house designed by a pair of architect brothers from ye olden days has hit the market. This week's residence, Sierra Madre's Pinney House, was built by Samuel and Joseph Cather Newsom way back in 1887. Per the Pinney House website, the Queen Anne-style structure was commissioned as a thirty-room hotel by former Civil War surgeon Dr. Elbert Pinney to accommodate East Coasters arriving in droves to buy up property during the Los Angeles land boom of 1885-1888. Over the years, its various functions have included sanatorium, boarding house, ballroom dance studio, apartment complex, and film location. In its current incarnation, the 10,000 square foot building has been restored and re-shaped into a single-family residence, albeit one with ten bedrooms, ten and a half baths, formal dining room, library, sun room, expansive porch, three fireplaces, coffered ceilings, crown moldings, stained glass, and wainscoting up the wazoo. It's listed at $2.9 million.
· The Pinney House [Official site]
· 225 N. Lima Street [Redfin]

225 N. Lima St., Sierra Madre, CA