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Bird Man of Burbank Arrested

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Last Friday, Burbank police arrested a man for feeding pigeons near the Burbank Airport. Apparently Charles Douglas, a Glendale resident and Burbank business owner, was out of town when Capt. Sully became the coolest dude of all time by landing a plane in the Hudson River after flying into a flock of birds. More than that, two citations and a bench warrant were not enough to remind Douglas that there is no Hudson River in the Valley. Here is the sentence from an LA Times story that almost makes driving to LAX seem worth it: "Airport police Cmdr. Allen Schmitt said a plane strikes a bird at the airport once every two months on average. But the rate of strikes has increased recently, with five incidents in July alone, he added." [Daily News/LA Times]

Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505